An Overview of the Motorsport Industry 2019

Motor racing is arguably one of the best sports ever created. Thousands of people pay big bucks to watch professional and amateur races on roads, tracks, and closed circuits.

The sport is divided into two main categories; motorcycle racing and car racing. Some of the most popular motorsport events are the Grand Prix series, the Dakar rally and, the MotoGP.

History of Motorsport

Motorsports started soon after the first gasoline-powered car hit the market in the 1880s. At this point, the races were small, unorganized and mostly for fun.

The first organized race was from Paris to Rouen in 1894 and was meant to be a reliability test. It was a 50-mile race, won at an average speed of 10.2mph. That’s a clear indication of how far the motor industry has come.

The Biggest Motorsport Events in the US

  • Indianapolis 500: Everything about this race is vast, from the $2.5 million prize money to its popularity and everything in between. It’s a 200 lap race around the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway which gave birth to the entire IndyCar genre of auto racing.
  • Daytona 500: This track is undoubtedly the second favorite speedway in the US. The race comes with an $18 million purse and a $1.5 million prize for the winning team.

Motorsport Betting

Sports betting, in general, has gained quite some traction recently. Most of the attention goes to soccer betting, which is a good thing. People are forced to look elsewhere during the soccer off-season. And that’s how motorsport betting is gaining popularity.

Players get to predict the winner, in, for example, the Formula 1 championship, by choosing a driver based on experience, ability to drive in different terrains and winning history. This kind of betting covers a long time-frame, as you have to wait until the championship is over.