Electric cars won the first American automobile race

Contrary to popular belief, electric cars have a long history. They are the vehicles that won the first automobile race in the US. In recent years, the development of electric vehicles is dominant for the field of motorsport. They won some historic races. Perhaps the biggest accomplishment was the completion of the Pikes Peak hill

NASCAR racing as American sports’ pride

The stature is no less than the famous F1 or Moto GP in Europe, NASCAR – America’s most prestigious race – is the place that brings the reputation, status and money for riders from all over the world. gender. NASCAR (American Commercial Racing Association) is the most prestigious race in the United States, and is

The race track that is not for the faint-hearted in the USA

A remote town in West America attracts many sports lovers thanks to the tough and challenging terrain. These roads are not for the faint of heart Located in the heart of the Colorado Plateau, Utah, between the beautiful red cliffs of Arches National Park and the sandstone strip of Canyonlands National Park, the town of

Daytona 500 (NASCAR) – “Lightning McQueen” in real life

Unlike most unusual tournaments that host their most prestigious races in the middle or at the end of the season, NASCAR’s “The Great American Race” takes place first and is one of four important races of the whole series. In addition, this race is also strictly controlled both in terms of safety and competitive factors.

F1 is not necessarily the most attractive race on the planet (Part 2)

3. Daytona 500 – NASCAR This is the most popular motorsport race in the US. Held in Florida, the Daytona 500 racetrack is shaped like a football field but measures more than 4 km each. And to complete the 500-mile (more than 800-kilometer) course, riders must run all 200 laps. All racing cars in the

F1 is not necessarily the most attractive race on the planet (Part 1)

Formula 1 racing is world famous for having the fastest speed, the most expensive cost. But speed is not the deciding factor all. Many viewers complained that the F1 races were quite boring and uncompetitive, they wanted something new and more attractive. Therefore, there are many races launched to suit the tastes of each audience

Top strategies and tips in F1 betting

Formula One (also call F1) is granted as one of the most favorite motorbike races in the world. It is an UK national race but it consists many small races and holds many nations and lands. Almost people are fans of F1 because they are addicted to place betting on F1. There are hundreds of

About types in F1 racing betting

As far as we know, F1 is one of the most popular motorcar racing in the world. Although it is a USA national motorcar racing, its racing track has been held some other places in other nations. According to popularity in F1 racing, F1 racing betting has also been welcome by many spectators. People prefer

About odd level in F1 racing betting

According to trend of the car racing market in the USA, racing betting becomes a major part of car racing. The truth that betting on car racing is different from driving a particular racing car. If you are intending to place on bet for any car race, you need to collect more information about rule,

Tips to betting on F1 motorbike racing

If you are a fan of motorbike racing, you can’t miss amazing races of F1. Although F1 is only the USA national motorbike race, it is well-known to everyone in the world, both racers and spectators. Some people like F1 and place betting on it. It is a profitable way to earn money. In this