President Donald Trump praised the US power at the NASCAR race

Trump called the NASCAR race at Daytona Beach a “great race” and a “legendary show” of American power in the opening ceremony.

Trump became the first incumbent US president to start the engine for 43 riders to compete in the Daytona 500. The Air Force One (Air Force One) flew over the Daytona International at an altitude of 240 meters. landing at the airport nearby. After the plane landed, the Monster drove Trump to run a round of the track.

Former President George W. Bush used to hold the position in 2004 but did not issue a command to start the engine.

Trump sat in the Beast’s car to open the race

US President Donald Trump opened the NASCAR race while on the Air Force One jet. It flied over the Daytona International track at just 240 meters. After the jet landed at a nearby airport, Trump took a trip to the Beast and ran a race.

Air Force One passed through the Daytona International race

The NASCAR organizers previously chose Trump as the “commander-in-chief” for the Daytona 500. This made him the first incumbent US President to issue the order to “start the engine” for 43 participants. Former President George W. Bush also held the role in 2004, but only appeared at the event without giving a signal.

Air Force One is the official designation used by the US Air Force to call any aircraft carrying the US President, to avoid confusion with other aircraft.

In fact, this identifier is often used to refer to the VC-25A, a special version developed from the Boeing 747-200B passenger jet and on payroll in 1990. Boeing only produced two VC-25As bearing the number. 28000 and 29000 tail, each plane costs up to 325 million USD. They are in the number 89 Air Force staff, based at Andrews, Maryland, USA.

NASCAR is America’s most prestigious racing event, attracting audiences and media behind only rugby. Starting with just the racing entertainment movement of the southeastern United States in 1948, NASCAR has grown to become the second most important professional sports event in the United States. The seasons that took place are broadcast live on television.