What is the most favored car race in the US nowadays?

Formula 1 racing is present in the US but to become the number one speed sport here is still an impossible task. Americans love NASCAR races above all else.

Although NASCAR lags behind any of the aforementioned tournaments in terms of brand and reputation, there is one thing that this race does better than any other sport in the world. It helps fans to watch the race in the most authentic way. And in this respect, NASCAR has no competition.

This new technology will be a great thing for racers because it gives them more important information about the car so that they can better master the steering wheel. Not only insiders but fans also benefit from this improvement because they will have the opportunity to see information similar to what the driver sees in the car.

This is the most obvious example of NASCAR’s closeness to its fans. Viewers have a feeling that they are also an important part of this sport and of course the new technology comes here to help the race score. NASCAR will also allow the public broadcasting of radio conversations from teams throughout the race, and fans will love this.

Imagine, if Jeff Gordon is your favorite racer, you’ll probably hear everything he says in the car all the way. NASCAR always has a camera inside the car, so not only the voice but also the image and every movement of the racer is also transmitted to the eyes of the fans.

Americans love NASCAR race above all else

Besides, NASCAR gives fans very close access to their racers on an unprecedented level. On any race, a fan can climb into the pit track or the parking area for hours or even days. NASCAR spectators have the right to appear in such places at the qualifying, test, and even official race.

NASCAR allows fans to pit with riders and their cars during pre-race events. Then, once the race starts, some of them can stay right in the parking area and from there be even closer to the developments on the track and their favorite drivers. This is of course a more enjoyable experience than a few autograph sessions, meeting before G as other sports do mechanically.

The way they reach their fans is completely different from what NASCAR has been doing. That shows this racing is capable of doing wonders for their audience in a way no other subject dares to do.