Learn about the most prestigious car race in the USA

Stature not inferior to the famous F1 or Moto GP in Europe, NASCAR – America’s most prestigious race – is the place to bring fame, status, and money to riders from all over the world. The amount of money that the champions earn can be up to millions of dollars, with the huge advertising contracts.

This race is second only to the king sport of the US, rugby, in terms of attractiveness to audiences and media. Each year, NASCAR welcomes a record number of audiences from all over the world to be immersed in an atmosphere of passion, suspense, and excitement.

Since 1984, NASCAR has been divided into three major awards: Sprint Cup, Nationwide Series, and Craftsman Truck Series. Every year, NASCAR brings together over 1,500 riders from 39 states in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Originating as just the entertainment movement of Southeast America, NASCAR has gradually grown to become the second most important professional sports event in America.

NASCAR race format

Race track

NASCAR usually takes place in a large stadium, the track surrounding the field is like a football stadium but is wider and longer, each car race sometimes longer than 4 kilometers.

The categories

  1. Superspeedway: Highest speed track – 200 laps
  2. Speedway: High-speed racetrack – from 250 to 400 laps
  3. Short track: Short-track – race from 400 to 500 laps
  4. Road track: The track is like F1 – less than 120 laps


The riders will have to quickly pass 3 rounds of the track and the fastest performance is chosen.

In the contest

In general, the rules of the race are similar to F1, except for the following differences.

If any accident occurs, there is a safety vehicle to support. It is possible to rush to the pit to escape and will have to follow each other when exiting the pit. There are two special points in NASCAR. If it rains the race will have to stop immediately, and the driver can set up his team.