NASCAR racing as American sports’ pride

The stature is no less than the famous F1 or Moto GP in Europe, NASCAR – America’s most prestigious race – is the place that brings the reputation, status and money for riders from all over the world. gender.

NASCAR (American Commercial Racing Association) is the most prestigious race in the United States, and is also the most dangerous race. Therefore, the money that the champion can earn up to millions of dollars, along with the lucrative advertising contracts.

This speed race is second only to the “king” sport of the US – rugby – in terms of attraction to the audience and the media. Each year, NASCAR welcomes a record number of audiences from all over the world to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of passion, suspense and excitement.

Born in 1984, NASCAR is divided into 3 big prizes: Sprint Cup, Nationwide. Series and Craftsman Truck Series. Every year, NASCAR gathers over 1,500 riders from 39 states of the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Originating only as an entertainment movement in Southeast America, NASCAR has gradually grown and become the second most important professional sporting event in the United States. Each season takes place broadcast live on television.

However, it was not until 1996-1998 that this prestigious race was expanded to Japan and Australia, and NASCAR’s offices have appeared in many big cities such as Charlotte, Mooresville, Concord, Conover, New York. , Los Angeles, Arkansas, Mexico, Toronto.

NASCAR race format

NASCAR usually takes place at a large stadium. The track surrounding the field is like a football stadium but broader and longer. Each race is longer than 4 kilometers.

Any accident should be accompanied by a safety vehicle. Any vehicle with a problem can immediately return to the pit to repair even if it has not been opened. If a car has an accident that causes problems with the track, other drivers can escape to the pit lane. He will exit and have to follow each other when coming out of the pit road.

There are two special points in NASCAR: If it rains, the race will have to stop immediately, and the driver can set up a team for himself You or one person from this race can join another team.