Top beautiful F1 racing tracks in the world nowadays (Part 3)

Monza racetrack is 5,793 km long with 11 corners (7 on the right and 4 on the left). This is the highest speed track in the schedule when the maximum speed is up to 350 km / h and the average speed is about 250 km / h.

The track is also considered the most accurate test place for engine power with a lot of long straight lines connected by sharp corners. The set compression force is so small that the racers need to show skillful control over the car during the competition.

Montreal racetrack in Canada

Along with Monza (Italy), the F1 race in the city of Montreal (Canada) is appreciated in terms of speed and is the most attractive today. Across the racetrack called Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, there are many concrete walls placed along the road like in Monaco, ready to make riders pay a heavy price for the smallest mistakes.

Montreal racetrack in Canada

The main feature of this track is a long straight line, some short lines alternating between sharp corners and low speed. The track’s high speed and strategic excitement and the following specialties make the Montreal race a must-see.

The race track in Singapore

Lion Island is the only place in the world that has a Formula 1 race track at night. Unlike other tracks in the world, the F1 race in lion island is the first night track in the world and also the only street race in Asia in Grand Prix history. The riders will compete under tens of thousands of modern high-pressure bulbs, mounted along the track, daylight equivalent.

The Singapore government has set up a race track along the streets around Marina Bay, named the Marina Bay Street Circuit. The track is 5,065 km long, located on the banks of Marina Bay with 24 corners, including 10 on the right and 14 on the left.

This is also the busiest center of the lion island nation with skyscrapers and the famous boat-shaped hotel Marina Bay Sands.

Sochi race track in Russia

Sochi is considered to be a completely new street race, classified as medium-speed, with a wall similar to Valencia or Singapore, but Sochi still has some high-speed corners, Especially the corner of the U-shaped number 3 left corner is very unique.

Temperatures in Sochi will drop to about 17 degrees Celsius during the race, so the teamwork strategy to use the tires and pit stops will have a huge impact on the final results of race day.