Competitive Cycling in the US

Competitive cycling began soon after the introduction of the high-wheeled bicycles called “ordinaries.” They had a huge front wheel and a reputation for being quite hazardous. These bikes gave rise to the term “breakneck speed,” as most accidents resulted in being thrown over the front end, often with crippling results.

That, however, changed with the invention of the “safe” bike. Its wheels had an equal diameter, and it also came with a safer braking system. That’s the same design used in modern-day bikes.

Today, there are bicycles made of pure gold and diamonds, with the most expensive retailing at a whopping $1 million. The 24K Gold Extreme fat bike, for example, is more of an art piece than it is a vehicle. It comes with diamond embellishments, a saddle upholstered in alligator skin, and everything else on this bike is pure 24K gold.

Top Cyclocross Series and Calendars

Professional Cyclocross Calendar: This calendar features several premier cyclocross events in the US and attracts hundreds of cyclists from all over the world. They have a ranking system which determines the best performers, male and female, for the whole season.

American Cyclocross Calendar (ACXC): The sole purpose of the ACXC is to recognize local events and provide them with Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) recognition. Races seeking inclusion in the ProCX must be part of the Cyclo-cross National Calendar (CXNC) for at least a year before application.

Betting on Cycling

Betting on cycling has been an upward trend in the past couple of years. However, betting on it is not as easy as other sports. You need to choose between hundreds of participants, and stay on top of things happening in and around their lives at all times. You also need to know the difference between track and road cycling. Then, consider the team strength, especially when dealing with road races. That translates to knowing every cyclist’s ability and matching them to the terrain.