Competitive Skiing in the US

Skiing is one of the few sports with a colorful history. The oldest skis were found in Russia and are estimated to be from 8000 to 7000 BC. Fragments of ancient snowshoes were also found in northern Europe, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

The first-ever documented skiing competition was a cross-country race in Norway, 1843. Three years later, California held it’s first downhill skiing event. However, the sport did not really take off until the 1990s, when the International Olympics Committee (IOC) recognized the International Snowboarding Federation (ISF) as its official sanctioning body for the sport. Today, over 21 million Americans are interested in one of the sport’s variants. However, high costs often stand in the way for most people.

Top Skiing Destinations in the US

Beaver Mountain Skiing Area; boasting of 828 skiable acres and 400+ inches of snow each year, this is one of the oldest and most popular skiing destinations in the US. It’s located in Garden City, Utah, and is famous for being affordable and family-friendly.

Powder Mountain; popularly known as the Pow Mow, this skiing resort features 8464 skiable acres and a little over 500 inches of annual snow. Lift tickets are super affordable, and accommodation is top-notch. It really is one of the best skiing destinations in the world.

Betting on Skiing Competitions

Sports betting has been on an upward trend lately, and skiing is part of the reason why. However, betting on snow events comes with its set of challenges for novice gamers.

You need to pay attention to the rate at which people are placing bets. If it’s high, exercise caution by checking how the athletes have been performing in the last couple of races. If the rate is low, winnings may be smaller, so you might want to reconsider if the position is worthwhile.