F1, MotoGP racing’s efforts to reduce costs amidst the pandemic (Part 1)

F1 racing teams, together with the UK government, are working hard to provide the necessary medical equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic campaign, and there are positive results.

Meanwhile, the next stages of MotoGP have been postponed / canceled due to pandemics. The tournament is trying to find solutions to tighten spending next time.

The racing teams are proud to support the British Government in preventing Covid-19

Project Pitlane, with the help of seven UK-based racing teams, urgently assisted the Government. This is to produce 20,000 orders of ventilators and other breathing aids to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the help of F1, 7 teams with their technology worked together to receive the British Government’s requests to support the health sector. Teams work on the system to produce fast ventilators and the number of orders has reached tens of thousands.

Project Pitlane is bringing positive results in a short time

Along with that, Mercedes engine development factory in Brixworth has changed its purpose. This is to produce continuous air pressure thrusters (CPAP) for patient breathing. With such a large order, 40 machines are often used to make pistons, valves, turbochargers. It is currently producing 100 medical devices a day.

Red Bull and Renault worked together and created a prototype of the new design, BlueSky, in just 3 weeks. The staff then worked 18 hours / day to accelerate the project.

Despite the preparation of production machinery and the availability of hundreds of employees, the British government has changed the plan and this project is no longer in progress. They think that to combat corona virus, they need a more detailed and sophisticated breathing machine than the BlueSky at the moment.

However, BlueSky’s technology and prototype will still be available and used in the future for other more appropriate purposes. A third project with a low-cost portable ventilator device was created by a young doctor. However, it was put on hold for the above reason, which was not necessary in the time to fight back. Covid-19.