Formula One- the big auto racing in America

The United State is well known with auto racings. It is considered as the home of car and motorbike racings because there are many famous auto racing events as well talented racers from the USA.

When referring to auto racing, we can’t forget Formula One. This car racing is the most professional and biggest in USA. This article will give quick information about this auto racing.

Formula One (also standing for F1) has special requirements for racing cars. They are made from carbon fiber composites with single-seat open-wheel design. According the rule from F1, per team is private technique about power output of their engines. But all teams comply general regulations such as using V-6 engine with 600 horsepower in the hybrid drivetrain provision, so on. Depending on other season, the foundation will publicize the rule for team to prepare and investigate unique engines.

One surprising of F1 is the destination of track road. It is completely changed for other leagues to make interesting and more challenge to super racers. For example, in 2014 F1 season, this race checked in 19 races in 19 countries from five continents. This distance was estimated numerously. The F1 contest has been made on the building roads or temporary street circuits. While F1 cars can run at high speed up to 240 mph, actual race speed in the course is usually half of that speed to make safe and careful for practice.

As consequence, F1 becomes popular with everyone because 2 main reasons. The first, it is professional requirement which is always improved and created for other racing leagues to encourage more talented racers to register and get experience. The rest it is the price money for racing winner. Estimated that annually, F1 has hundreds of millions dollars for budget to organize events as well courses.