Horse racing betting guide in USA

The guide to gamble on horse racing

Horse racing and gambling always are in together, especially in USA like the Triple Crown races, the Breeders Cup. Gambling on the horse races has own set of rules depending on character of competitions.

There are many ways to gamble on horse racing at traditional casinos and online casinos through ADW sites system. If you don’t live in the US, you don’t need to worry because you can place bets via many bookmakers around the world.

You will place betting through system of the pari-mutuel wagering where you directly compete betting against others. Normally, a horse racing dividend will be evaluated $2 stake. For example, when you place a bet $10. It means you have $8 for the dividend so finally you will give back $40.

Another case, several races horses will be coupled so you can see a horse which is remarked number 1 and number 1A. It means you are betting on number 1 and other one. This betted horses are called one couple when they are the same owner or trainer.

The most popular betting in USA includes: the win, place and show bets.

The win bet:  It is the most straightforward and simple betting in horse racing so it is proper to beginner. Your task is choosing a horse which can able to win the race.

The place bet: you have to choose on the horse to place betting first or second. The payout is similar if it can finish in either position then you pick the winner, you have opportunities to receive lower odds.

The show bet: you have to choose the horse to place betting finish from the first to three. As the place bet, you also receive the lower odds and the same payout as result from one of three betted horses.