How to bet on Motorsport in the USA

The gambling market in the USA is famous for motorsport betting. In the last article, we have introduced overview about motorsport betting at some aspects such as odd levels, promotions or method of betting. In this article, we continue to share the way to bet on motorsport for some motor racing tournament in the USA such as F1 (Online Formula One Betting), Online NASCAR Betting or Online MotoGP Betting.

Firstly, discuss betting on F1

In general, the Formula One is known as the best motor racing championship in the world since 1950s. This tournament always receives many positive comments from experts, professional racers as well a huge number of fans. At F1, all drivers and driver teams have to comply the rules to continue to race for the next rounds. There is a point system created to determine the results of racers in per racing round.

This event is yearly held from March to October at other nations in the world.

To bet on F1, bettors can choose one of three qualifying sessions or Live in-Play betting to start. The options are available when the official racing starts.

Secondly, Online NASCAR betting

NASCAR is also famous for racing in the USA. It stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto. Actually, NASCAR has been operated and regulated stock-car racing series in USA.

There are three major series in this racing, including The Monster Energy Cup, the Xfinity Series and the Camping World Truck. Estimated that it has over 1500 races on total 100 tracks in the USA organized within 10 months in one year.

When you place on bet at NASCAR betting, you can join any races as the betting site propose. The prize is interesting and huge for winning.

Thirdly, Online MotoGP Betting

There are total 16 races in MotoGP, including three racing classes: MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3. The fact that, MotoGP is the oldest racing championship in the world.