Review about The Dakar Rally in the USA

Motorbike racing is one of the most popular auto racing in the USA. The Dakar Rallying is considered as the most terrifying motorbike challenge in the world which is held in the USA. This article will review detail why it is on top terrible motorbike racing.

It is a is an off-road motorbike racing which takes place annually at South America or a dominated location.

Firstly, this name of league starts with its origins. In 1979, there was a motorbike racing to held in Paris in France to Dakar in Senegal with expectation of many fans.

it was a race from Paris, France to Dakar in Senegal. As if the original route wasn’t dangerous enough due to distance and having to ride through the African desert, in 2008 the race was cancelled due to the threat of terrorism, and moved to Argentina and Chile from 2009. This event has organized in car and motorbike racing. But it is not lucky, it was in the threat of terrorism and then it moved to Argentina and Chile from 2009.

Then it was transferred to the USA to continue the next auto racing. It includes cars and bikes and for both professionals and amateurs. So almost walk of life can register to join the competition one time for a year. Estimated that per racing can last within two weeks for about thousands of km.

The Dakar Rally in the USA

The reason the Dakar Rally becomes top the best terrible motorbike racing because in general total racings in the USA, there are about 60 racers died in the event’s history. This number is really terrible with an auto racing founded shortly in the USA. Some experts explain about the bad consequence as the terrible for distance and racing timeout leads to more accidents and injuries to happen.