The race track that is not for the faint-hearted in the USA

A remote town in West America attracts many sports lovers thanks to the tough and challenging terrain.

These roads are not for the faint of heart

Located in the heart of the Colorado Plateau, Utah, between the beautiful red cliffs of Arches National Park and the sandstone strip of Canyonlands National Park, the town of Moab is full of interesting things to visit and explore.

This is why this small town has become a popular destination for adventurous people. The rugged desert terrain and beautiful natural landscapes are adorned with hundreds of trails for mountain biking and two-wheel drive.

There is a road called Hell’s Revenge. It consists of a nearly zigzag-like twisty arc, passing through sandstone arches and dangerous cliffs. This route is indicated only for experienced riders with advanced equipment.

However, the challenges will be rewarded with the beautiful natural landscape. As Hell’s Revenge takes you up to a high point, where you can zoom out to see the whole La Sal mountain range, Negro Bill gorge, canyon Abyss and Colorado River. The area is also known for another famous motorbike and dirt bike track. It called the “Slickrock Bike Track” to the east of Moab.

Hell’s Revenge has obstacles also named as “Escalator”, “Black hole” and “Tips to overcome”. A common challenge that many players take part in is the “Lion’s Back”.

The “Lion’s Back”

The “Lion’s Back” is a range of sandstone mountains several hundred meters high. The journey begins by climbing up a slope of 65 degrees, to the top, back and slowly down to the foot of the mountain. The “Lion’s Back” became famous many years ago when a car lost its brakes and rolled down the hill, then fell to the ground from a height of 9 m.

No one died in the accident, but the incident was filmed and shown on many television shows. The tourist and camping site is now private and is no longer visited by two-wheeled racers.

Every year at Easter, hundreds of two-wheeled racers come to Hell’s Revenge. Their aim is to experience rugged terrain with the Easter Jeep Safari event, which takes place for 9 days.