Top 10 Best Race Tracks In The USA

If you are driver or spectator in the crowd, racing in the USA will be always interesting and attractive you and everyone in the world. The fact that all racing events in USA have been organized professionally and promoted carefully by the Government.

Whether you visit any football, hockey or basketball stadium in USA, you are shocking by the luxury and profession in a large scale. Here is top 10 best race tracks in the USA which you shouldn’t miss in USA.

1/ Circuit of the USA

Located in outside of downtown Austin of Texas, this track is about 3.41 mile and lied on 1,500 acres of rolling hills. It is called hometown of F1 race with almost all famous championships. Besides it, there are some outstanding leagues such as the X Games, Moto-GP, the FIA as well some car racing event.

2/ Daytona International Speedway

This track is located in Florida. Florida is well-known with many professional racetracks, especially speedway for historical track.

From Daytona, we have known to Dale Earnheardt Sr who won total of 34 races in his career and became one of the greatest racer all the time.

Besides it, Daytona also appeared in a famous film called 80s movie Days of Thunder. Now it has commercial service on non-race days.

3/ Indianapolis Motor Speedway

This racing track has been considered as “Racing Capital of the World” with some outstanding features about structure of racetrack.

Indianapolis is always proud of hosting some first motor racing event from the past such as a balloon race in 1909. Furthermore, this racetrack has also been chosen to organize coolest racing NASCAR championships, Redbull or Formula 1.

In general, Indianapolis Motor Speedway is always the first choice for large leagues so you should not miss this place in your travel to USA.