Top the big types of auto racing in America

In the United State, auto racing is considered as one of the most popular sports by auto racers and audience. People like it because it makes interesting and exciting during the racing. The fact that there are many forms of auto racing which makes unique different leagues. This article will discuss top the big types of auto racing in America.

1/ Formula One <F1>

F1 is famous for many racers all over the world which follows strictly purposes of these built road courses on the street circuits. When annual budgets can run up to hundreds of million dollars, F1 is the most expensive and prestigious form of auto racing in both USA and the world.

Some locations it overcomes annually like Monaco, Bahrain and Singapore where they are hotbed of celebrity activities.

Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes-AMG, and Red Bull are the biggest stars for this form of auto racing.

2/ IndyCar

IndyCar is the fastest form of motor racing in the USA. It has set up different types of race tracks as well the diversity of racing conditions to make special for racing itself.

3/ FIA World Endurance Championship

This car racing has total four different classes on the same track and at the same time. This feature makes more attractive and competitive for this racing. Another special thing, it is a unique endurance race which last from six up to 24 hours. This time is terrible and requires racer to focus 100% energy and power for a long race track.

4/ NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

NASCAR has the biggest number of fans in USA. In 2012, there are 17 of the top 20 attended in the huge sporting events rated to NASCAR.

Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr and Jimmie Johnson are the star drivers in NASCAR events.